Encuentro Linux 2009 Day 1 Report

So a child of the frigid north found his way all the way to the other side of the world for yet another spectacular free software conference. This time it's to celebrate the Encuentro Linux conference 2009 in Valparaiso/Vina del Mar in sunny Chile.

Hosted at the picturesque Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, this conference has attracted hundreds of Linux enthusiasts, students, and business folks. With a view like this, it's no wonder that you often see people standing outside discussing their software, instead of the auditoriums and class rooms:

(View from outside the conference entrance)

The main reason I'm attending the conference is to spread the word and raise awareness of everyones favorite toolkit and desktop - Qt and KDE!

I presented two talks - one more technical on the various Qt modules available and how you can use them. A (demo-effect riddled) presentation on using Qt Creator to make a web browser in 5 minutes as well guiding through the other tools included with Qt. Thanks to Henrik for large parts of this presentation.


Also, I presented an introduction to the KDE project and an overview of KDE4. KDE has so much to show that 1 hour only gave me enough time to scratch the surface - bummer! Thanks as well to Sebas for large parts of this presentation.




(Encuentro folks enjoying the good weather and discussing important topics like Linux and Freud)

It's worth noting that the food here is spectacular. For instance, even "fast food" like the Chorrillana (sp?) has the lowly Oslo kebab/shoarma beat on every metric!

(Miguel in a chorrillana mode)

All in all this conference is off to a great start and I'm already enjoying day 2 as I write this blog while listening to Lady GaGa in the "penguin room".

Oh yeah...and thanks Nokia for taking me from -2 degree Oslo weather walking to work, to 24 degrees of South American awesomeness!


He, sounds like a good spot to be. Also sounds like you're making a difference, great work!

Sounds nice but Hong Kong was 10 degrees warmer than that and nothing beats fried chicken feet in sweet soy sauce! :)