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Back from Austin

So, after spending a week in the US attending the Linux Collaboration Summit, I'm finally back, and slightly less jet lagged enough to write a small post about my journey. Although I haven't attended many conferences in my life, I have to say that this one was truly one of the best. The amount of talent mixed with collaboration was a spectacular sight. Indeed everyone was open to dialog, and wanting to to work together to bring Linux forward as a whole. Particularly interesting and inspiring to me was the talks by vendors and hardware people who are already now taking the first tangible steps to reaching the elusive year of the Linux desktop. The idea of creating a niche market for small or ultra inexpensive systems which basically work perfectly for anything but gaming is a really feasible and ideal market for a Linux based system to thrive and lead. The panel that presented that track proved that the industry has indeed noticed, and the manufacturers are pushing hard for the concept as well. Of course, I found it particularly exciting to hear the that Asus EeePc SDK will focus on Qt4, as you can see in the guide here. Enough chit chat, here's some eye candy:

Ever so famous Jon “Maddog” Hall. If you look closely in the background you can see Henrik presenting Qt 4.4 features as well ;)

I think this pic really expresses the mood on the mobile panel, where it felt like a free for all against Google (on the far right), and OpenMoko being the neutral party beside him. The most entertaining panel, but also the least productive in my opinion.

At the end of the first night we were taken to a really nice club/lounge place called Qua which has the worlds largest indoor aquarium in a club. Basically, the dance floor was literally a big shark tank. If this wasn't cool enough, J5 of fedora/gnome/d-bus fame managed to hook us up with a nice bar side alcho-pyrotechnic display:

We also got to visit Ranger, a really powerful supercomputer/grid which was recently built (running CentOS on Sun hardware). An ultra friendly diagram to show its power...

...of course, they needed to show their Texas pride as well! :)


After finishing up all the hard summit work, we had a little boat outing on lake Travis (we had 3 small fast boats and cruised around basically :))...

.ate some good tex-mex at a restaurant overlooking the lake...

...and finally ending the day screaming as you realize that you forgot to put some sun block on your legs!

A spectacular summit, and I really hope to go again next year!