A mysterious package arrives...


A strange package arrived today...within it dwelled a cryptic cotton sack labelled Chumby:

What could be inside? I wonder...

My long awaited Chumby of course!

The packaging and manual were really neat, and setup was a breeze. Simply plug it in, and follow the on screen instructions. Extra props go to the calibration tool (was almost fun ;)), and the ultra simple wifi setup.

Next I browsed over to my "My Chumby" page on chumby.com, gave it a name, and loaded it up with some widgets. Widget selection was a breeze! Wow! No programs to download, no memory cards or usb cables! All I did was select some widgets from a web interface on my computer, and boom they magically appeared on my Chumby! Cool!

Here we see F.S.M. chilling out on his new perch - my night table :)

In case you're really confused: The Chumby is a completely open Linux device. Open software and hardware. Its main purpose is to serve as a "always on" connectivity device, serving up the time, RSS feeds, and even stream online video (The anime widget will be well used, I'm sure :)). The wifi and touch screen alone will be enough to keep me occupied with hacking for the next couple of weekends ;)

If you want to know more check out www.chumby.com

By the way: sorry about the bad image quality. The photos were taken with my phone since my cameras batteries are dead :/