A personal post for once

This post will serve two purposes.

  1. To let me try posting with Bilbo Blogger
  2. Point out some observations/thoughts since I moved to Helsinki

If you can read this post, it means that 1 actually worked. Bravo - this is one sweet app. Automagically configured everything for me given the address to my Drupal site and user+pass. Try Bilbo Blogger today.


  • Weather is identical to Oslo, maybe a degree or two colder
  • People are actually more timid/quiet in Finland than Norway/Sweden. That says allot.
  • Food in the company cafeteria is awesome (wide selection, high quality)...but not free: 5.50€
  • Work is quite a bit more intense than in the Oslo office. You can definitely feel the stress/tempo of the "We need to get to market ASAP" mentality. I guess this is what working at a game company is like.
  • I have a sweet steam-punk elevator.
  • I need to make a "fast-forward" video of me going to work, featuring said elevator.

I look forward to learning more about Helsinki. A big bummer that I've been slightly sick basically the whole time since I arrived. I'm almost well now though, so that's good I guess.

Finally, It really sucks that some folks at Nokia got laid off. Despite it only being something like 1% of the workforce, it still stings to know some of the people leaving. You guys will be missed, and I hope we can all still keep in touch wherever you end up :)

Finally, to continue with point #1, I'm going to try to attach an image to this post, let's see if it works...

Spellcheck in Quassel

if it *did* work, then what you're seeing is the feature I added to Quassel (an AMAZING IRC client) last weekend - spell checking :)

That's all for now. Totally time for some sleepy action.


Looks like the image attachment didn't work *sigh*

Haven't been to your site in a while. Like the new look! :D