#2 Double Trouble - Lessons Learned While Reading "Effective Javascript"

All numbers in Javascript are doubles - double precision floating point numbers. It's therefore very important to remember that rounding errors *do* occur, and when accumulated, can cause serious mischief! For example, what does "0.2 + 0.4" equal? "0.6"? Think again. 

Book Review: John Dies at the End by David Wong

A very vulgar but entertaining book about a guy who gets inadvertenly sucked into an inter-dimensional conflict. Gross, hilarious, and scary - like a cross between "Evil Dead" and "South Park". Highly recommended for people who like exploding zombies, strongly discourage for those who don't exploding zombies. I read it because I heard about the movie. Having read the wikipedia page, it sounded like I'd prefer the book...it was right.


Book Review: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

A fictional story about a "survivor" of a old-timey death cult. Think Amish meets Heavens Gate. One of the "survivors" of this cult ends up in some pretty extreme situations due to his rather unusual upbringing. A pretty quick read with plenty of action - albeit pretty dark. Also, lots of interesting "life tips" scattered througout the book as an added bonus. I read it because I wanted to try another book from the author of Fightclub.