Make a career being Qt

Apologies for the spam, but I think some people here may find this interesting...

My employer, Mendeley, is looking for another talented Qt developer for cross-platform (win, mac, lin) development in London. It's a great place to work, and the company is growing like crazy!

Job description here:

Email me directly (jesper at for more info/etc.

Patch Trac to sort ticket version field alphabetically

This is a super simple hack that you can apply to your Trac installation to get your version selection field sorted alphabetically in the newticket form. Very trivial, but posting it to make the solution googlable for others.

Apply to:


Hack like a madman, collect massive amounts of cash!

(Not directly KDE related, though likely of interest to many of you here :) Sorry for the noise to the rest of you!)

Long time no blog! Just wanted to draw your attention to this neato competion my (new) employer (Mendeley) is currently running; a chance to flaunt awesome KDE technology in the face of academia and rake in some nice cash:

Mendeley API Binary Battle!