Trippy Introduction

One one of the neat perks of Nokia aquiring Trolltech was that we all got cool new phones. Most chose the neato n95, which is effectively a camera with calling functionality. It takes great quality pictures, and thanks to its internal GPS, is able to geo-tag the photos with the coordinates of where it was taken. The question then of course is what will you do with all these photos and their metadata? A couple of KDE apps make it possible to view a selected photo on a map, but I wanted more. Enter Trippy!


Meeting with the Japan KDE users group

Wooo! Jet lag finally wore off, so I think it's about time to post some pictures from the great meeting I attended with the Japan KDE users group. After a treacherous journey riddled with re-routed flights and delays, I ended up going from a 15 hour landing-to-meeting buffer, down to 4. Luckily, I still made it in time to meet Daisuke and the others.

First we had a fun little history lesson, where the first president of the group re-told some adventures they had in the early days.

Back from Austin

So, after spending a week in the US attending the Linux Collaboration Summit, I'm finally back, and slightly less jet lagged enough to write a small post about my journey. Although I haven't attended many conferences in my life, I have to say that this one was truly one of the best. The amount of talent mixed with collaboration was a spectacular sight. Indeed everyone was open to dialog, and wanting to to work together to bring Linux forward as a whole.

Two best Christmas presents...

First off, a totally sweet new laptop :)

As you can tell - the Macbook is indeed running KDE4 already :) Impressive speed too...Compiled Qt 4.4 (with webkit) in under 20minutes :) Note: I'm still going to be using the EeePC as my main travel machine - it's just so small and light, even compared to the Mac!

Even sweeter though: