The wonders of open source software...

It's pretty amazing how quickly some things can get spotted/fixed in the open software world. I'm out of the country for a day, and I get the following in my inbox:

Notice the date/times. A major bug in the fifteen puzzles applet was spotted by Dario, and later fixed by Jonas - all in less than 24 hours! Imagine that happening in the proprietary software world.

Hooray for open source, and hooray for contributors! :D


Plasma gets a bit more fun...

KDE 4 just got its first plasma game (I think)...

Introducing the most complex game ever:

The fifteen pieces puzzle!

Hours upon hours of fun can be had arranging the blocks!

Note: I had a really nice block icon, but for some reason the animations become dead slow if the applet becomes scaled in any way. I'll just draw gradients on the fly for now, apparently that's faster for some reason.