KDE Saturday

How do you know you're a geek?

You get an SMS from a friend at 6pm asking to do something fun, and you end up organizing a hacking night! About 2 hours later we had 8 people with their laptops in a meeting room, and some pizza en route :)

Ordered left to right is: Veronica, Carlos, Chuck, Simon (Tronical), Thiago , and Thomas (ThomasZ),  (Andreas is afk)

Reverse engineering methods

Although I am sure that there are many more ways to reverse engineer windows drivers, I will outline the candidates that I found and evaluated below.


DebugFS and USBMon

I found a site with a seemingly perfect solution. By simply mounting the Linux debugfs and loading the usbmon module one can monitor the USB packets. This functionality is available in my default Kubuntu 7.04 installation without needing to recompile my kernel.

Learning how to reverse engineer a Windows USB driver: the Luxeed LED keyboard

In this article I will share with you the trials and tribulations that I went through as I reverse engineered a Windows driver to create a Linux one. The hardware which will be subjected to my hackery is the Luxeed LED keyboard. A keyboard with seemingly free controll over most of its multi-colored LEDs. After seeing this device on the digg, I knew I had to have one.


Enter: The new blog!

Hello world! My old site (evil bl0gger) has been dead for over a year now, so I figured I would launch a new one. Instead of writing my own webapp again, I decided to go with Drupal, and so far I'm very impressed. Although it has taken me a few nights to configure it to my liking - and there's still a bit left to do - I think it's about time I actually made it public.Enjoy!