Facebook on your screensaver.

Having just moved to a new place (Helsinki) I don't really have that much to do yet. So what do I do on a Sunday afternoon? Lazy programming - that's what!

The goal: To have facebook on my screen saver.

The result: Any iPhone page on your screensaver.

Why? Because it's so much easier/faster to write than an actual facebook applet.

What is it? It's a QWebView that identifies itself as an iPhone, placed on Plasma. Configurable with different "phone themes", and select any page you want.

Plasma gets a bit more fun...

KDE 4 just got its first plasma game (I think)...

Introducing the most complex game ever:

The fifteen pieces puzzle!

Hours upon hours of fun can be had arranging the blocks!

Note: I had a really nice block icon, but for some reason the animations become dead slow if the applet becomes scaled in any way. I'll just draw gradients on the fly for now, apparently that's faster for some reason.

KDE Saturday

How do you know you're a geek?

You get an SMS from a friend at 6pm asking to do something fun, and you end up organizing a hacking night! About 2 hours later we had 8 people with their laptops in a meeting room, and some pizza en route :)

Ordered left to right is: Veronica, Carlos, Chuck, Simon (Tronical), Thiago , and Thomas (ThomasZ),  (Andreas is afk)