GCDS - the story so far

The Grand Canaria Desktop Summit has been incredible so far. The amount of talent and enthusiasm for Free Software has not only been amazing, but equally impressive and inspiring. The GNOME and KDE folks talking openly and discussing future plans - proving - that the so called "desktop flame war" is more or less completely gone. I really look forward to the hacking these coming days - hopefully implementing a few of the things that have been discussed this weekend myself. Also, worth mentioning is the amazing job that Nokia did with the sponsorship.

Facebook on your screensaver.

Having just moved to a new place (Helsinki) I don't really have that much to do yet. So what do I do on a Sunday afternoon? Lazy programming - that's what!

The goal: To have facebook on my screen saver.

The result: Any iPhone page on your screensaver.

Why? Because it's so much easier/faster to write than an actual facebook applet.

What is it? It's a QWebView that identifies itself as an iPhone, placed on Plasma. Configurable with different "phone themes", and select any page you want.

KDE 4.2 Oslo release party aftermath

So, the KDE 4.2 release party in Oslo is over. We capped at around 12 people, and everyone had a great time :) We discussed free software, Qt (how couldn't we?), and various KDE technology/pillars. It was neat to see some non-trolls show up, and I'm tempted to host more small events to maybe create a local community. Concretely, this means that the next KDE Sunday (hacking/krush sessions) I'm hosting will be public. In otherwords- if you're in Oslo, then keep an eye on my blog for more announcements so that you can come and join us!

Trippy Introduction

One one of the neat perks of Nokia aquiring Trolltech was that we all got cool new phones. Most chose the neato n95, which is effectively a camera with calling functionality. It takes great quality pictures, and thanks to its internal GPS, is able to geo-tag the photos with the coordinates of where it was taken. The question then of course is what will you do with all these photos and their metadata? A couple of KDE apps make it possible to view a selected photo on a map, but I wanted more. Enter Trippy!


Meeting with the Japan KDE users group

Wooo! Jet lag finally wore off, so I think it's about time to post some pictures from the great meeting I attended with the Japan KDE users group. After a treacherous journey riddled with re-routed flights and delays, I ended up going from a 15 hour landing-to-meeting buffer, down to 4. Luckily, I still made it in time to meet Daisuke and the others.

First we had a fun little history lesson, where the first president of the group re-told some adventures they had in the early days.