Encuentro Linux 2009 Day 1 Report

So a child of the frigid north found his way all the way to the other side of the world for yet another spectacular free software conference. This time it's to celebrate the Encuentro Linux conference 2009 in Valparaiso/Vina del Mar in sunny Chile.

Hosted at the picturesque Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, this conference has attracted hundreds of Linux enthusiasts, students, and business folks. With a view like this, it's no wonder that you often see people standing outside discussing their software, instead of the auditoriums and class rooms:

GCDS - the story so far

The Grand Canaria Desktop Summit has been incredible so far. The amount of talent and enthusiasm for Free Software has not only been amazing, but equally impressive and inspiring. The GNOME and KDE folks talking openly and discussing future plans - proving - that the so called "desktop flame war" is more or less completely gone. I really look forward to the hacking these coming days - hopefully implementing a few of the things that have been discussed this weekend myself. Also, worth mentioning is the amazing job that Nokia did with the sponsorship.

KDE 4.2 Oslo release party aftermath

So, the KDE 4.2 release party in Oslo is over. We capped at around 12 people, and everyone had a great time :) We discussed free software, Qt (how couldn't we?), and various KDE technology/pillars. It was neat to see some non-trolls show up, and I'm tempted to host more small events to maybe create a local community. Concretely, this means that the next KDE Sunday (hacking/krush sessions) I'm hosting will be public. In otherwords- if you're in Oslo, then keep an eye on my blog for more announcements so that you can come and join us!

Back from Austin

So, after spending a week in the US attending the Linux Collaboration Summit, I'm finally back, and slightly less jet lagged enough to write a small post about my journey. Although I haven't attended many conferences in my life, I have to say that this one was truly one of the best. The amount of talent mixed with collaboration was a spectacular sight. Indeed everyone was open to dialog, and wanting to to work together to bring Linux forward as a whole.